• High five to all you learner surfers out there!

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2014. Where the hell?

Wey hey dudes and rockers. It seems like a whole year has passed without my passion for the sea being ¬†broadcast. I guess it may have something to do with this little sprout. A nine month gap of pregnancy was matched with a bad year of swell in the North East (thank goodness). So Christmas … Continue reading

Log showroom

Hectic has been my middle name recently. Moving into a new flat, even closer to the sea, and setting up my new design studio, away from the sea to stop the temptation. Hence the lack of surfing and blogging. Well that’s not all true, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, if you … Continue reading

Silhouettes & Small Waves

I’m pretty sure that this was a gorgeous little break that we visited for one day whilst I was in Morocco. I didn’t catch any waves as good as these but I did get a few coffins and cockroaches in there!


My head is not working properly due to vast amounts of alcohol and dancing last night. So of course this is the best time to buy a new weird surfboard. Just look at this little freak. A fat Henty 6′ 6″ single fin mini noserider, you either love it or hate it I guess and … Continue reading

Worth it for a laugh I guess

I never really did get round to writing about my Morocco surf trip. It was brilliant but I was so busy surfing and yoga(ing) that I didn’t document it photographically. Part of the surf coaching package was a photographer snapping away on the beach while we all kooked around. Clearly there was never going to … Continue reading

Please welcome to your eyes…

The beautiful and evocative imagery from my surf buddy and Leeds based photographer Tom Bing. You should take a look through his blog and if you’re out surfing Saltburn or Scarborough at weekends then go say hi as he is a really nice fellow.

Red shorts and Pelicans ’66

Really not much need for any gibbering words about this image. It is pure visual pleasure. I adore it and will probably be printing some posters of it soon enough.

Way too long…

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the length of a new board. As we all know you can never go too long in that department right? No it’s concerning the last time I posted on here and the last time I got in for a proper surf. The end of 2011 was drawing near and I … Continue reading

Sick as a dawg

Lounging in the lounge is something I very rarely get to do. sprawled on the sofa watching movies and eating instant noodles is also something I never usually spend my time doing, especially on a day like today. If it wasn’t for some flu ridden mackem I would be at work, finishing off a big … Continue reading

The anticipation is killing me

My new board is finally in transit. It has been a whopping 26 days since I bought it on ebay from a lovely chap in Ottery St. Mary (Exeter). I then hired the worst courier company known to man and have been waiting ever since. I was seriously starting to lose all hope but yesterday … Continue reading