It’s not me it’s the sea

Went out again on Saturday afternoon. It’s getting towards sundown and the sun had just managed to come out after a brief shower. There were only a few people out there too so it was all pretty lovely.

Getting out was slightly easier then Friday but it was only about 2′. No matter where I moved to I always seem to be paddling out right at the point of the wave break. Just when it gets too deep for me to walk out I am faced with looming waves that I know are about to break and crash down right on top of my freezing cold head.

I still managed to catch some breaking waves and got to my feet a few times but in general it was another bad show.

When I got back home, feeling a little miffed, I told my mum that I thought I was getting worse. She said ‘it’s not you, it is just the sea’ I liked that very much. Sometimes the conditions just arn;t cutting it and there is nothing that I can do to change that. I hope I’m not a bad craftsperson blaming their tools!


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