Oh my word

I can’t believe my last post was in November! Surely I have been surfing since then? It was probably so horrendous that I chose not to bore the lines of this blog with the misery.

I went out again on Friday 9th April. Some friends came to Saltburn for a house warming party and catch up so I took a couple of dudes out to test the water. Rachel and Richard had never tried surfing before but were up for an hours sesh. The waves were the smallest they could possibly be for a foamy to catch but we managed. Obviously they both had a great time and scrambled to their feet a little. With there not being much power in the waves it definitely made it harder to balance but falling in is always fun when you start out.

For me it was brilliant to be back in the sea again, especially with the sun shining and no need for a hood. It took me a few attempts to sort my balance out but I still had the knack to catch the waves (if you can call them that!)

So with the passion back and the sun still shining on Sunday 18th April, I went out by myself on my Vudu board. It was a 3′ wave and wasn’t packed out. I took a good beating and some fun wipeouts but kept my spirits up and managed to catch a few clean ones and get to my feet for a short while.

I’m still apprehensive about going out back even though I know I am making more work for myself staying in the white water. I am going to choose another nice small day and make sure I get out back. At least if I get scared then I can just go way past the breaking waves and just need to ride some white water in again. I might get a foam board out on a small day and test this little plan of mine out.

One Response to “Oh my word”
  1. Howell says:

    Awesome! Get out past the breakers. It is all mental, although I totally understand what you are saying. Stay stoked. I am signing up.

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