This is getting serious

It’s been flat over the last couple of the weeks so I have been thinking about what I can put on here while I have no surf updates. To keep me from going mad I usually watch surf movies/documentaries/competition footage and generally scour the internet for stuff on female surfers and long boarders. The web is saturated with Californian hotties showing you what board shorts they wear but it has occurred to me that there isn’t any UK female ‘learner’ surf websites or blogs. Especially none for the North of England. Must be too grim up north to get that Beach Babe content that all the magazines are looking for! This gave me a BRAIN WAVE. I should start one, well start something anyway. Not too sure what yet but hopefully a base where girls (and boys) can come see what us tough northern surfers are up to. Be able to read through my ups and downs as a learner and get a better insight into what it is actually like to brave those cold seas and get the shit knocked out of from gnarly waves. None of this bikinis and rash vest business, unless I get some nice holiday snaps.

I know I’m not in any position to give learners advice as I’m not even close to being a good surfer…yet. Let’s just wait and see how this shapes up eh?


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