Late evenings and early mornings

After the drought we got some sweet September waves in Saltburn. All the big guns had been out battling against mega white water but I knew my pitiful paddling would get me nowhere so stayed out of the sea. It was worth the wait because Tuesday evening was a special session. About 10 people out on the left of the pier and friendly faces  all after a friendly wave. We had laughs and a few little screamers until the sun went down. Here is a beautiful photo that sums the night up. Tom ‘the angry crab’ Davies cruising a slow one into the sand (on his girlfriend, Lizzy Ferry’s long board!) – taken by  Arran Nelson

I went out again on Friday morning, totally alone! Oh the benefits of Magicseaweed not giving Saltburn any stars. It was only a couple of foot max and I was surprised my board was able to catch anything that small but we managed. All there is to say about this is that it felt great and I am so lucky to live next to an amazing beach break. God bless the sun set and rise surfs. Oh and I really like going left!


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