Oh dear me. She is a dancer?

Sofia Mulanovich was my last hope of believing that you could become an amazing pro female surfer and not get sucked into the sick sponsorship gimmicks. RED BULL? Oh my word, who in their right mind even drinks that nasty stuff? Never mind agreeing to promote it by flouncing around on a bed instead of sticking to what they are actually good at. No offence ladies, you all look great but come on dudes.

Is it just a temporary bout of jealousy on my part, the fact that I am not as good a surfer as any of them or able to be a model? Well whatever demons this little video may have conjured up in my soul, it definitely does not instill anymore drive to become a competitive surfer and I will not start drinking Red Bull!

There is an interesting piece written on the Inertia.com website questioning the roles of female surfers and the ongoing necessity to become models!


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