Surf Maroc here I come

On Saturday me and my buddy Farrah will be heading to the Roxy girls surf camp in Morocco. It’s a canny expensive affair but since getting a full time job I thought I deserved it.

Warm water surfing with a villa right on the beach and a brilliant, fun pal to hang out with is exactly what I need after the winter I’ve had!

I’ll keep you posted with photos and updates on my coaching sessions. After each lesson we do some yoga and relax in the fab looking villa.

I’m also traveling up to Essaouira once the surf camp is over. I think I will mainly be lying in a horizontal position for the few days we spend there. After a week of surf and yoga I won’t be able to do much else. Maybe lifting a cold glass to my parched lips will use all my remaining strength.

A day at Surf Maroc from Surf Maroc on Vimeo.

One Response to “Surf Maroc here I come”
  1. Matt says:

    Cannot wait to see the next post. Keep us in the loop. We are freezing our tails off in the North East right now!

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