Red shorts and Pelicans ’66

Really not much need for any gibbering words about this image. It is pure visual pleasure. I adore it and will probably be printing some posters of it soon enough.

2 Responses to “Red shorts and Pelicans ’66”
  1. To Whom it may concern , this photo that you have as above called Red Shorts and Pelicans 66,
    as you call it , just happens to be me ROSS BAILEY , the photo that was taken just above the Cowrie Hole on the Road Way in 1966, next to the Newcastle Ocean Baths in NSW , Australia
    the photo of me on the surf board when i was 20 years old , was taken by my friend the now late ,
    Mr John Nute , all COPY RIGHT of this photo BELONGS , to me Mr ROSS BAILEY , i had left you a comment or message about two months ago about my photo etc , and i had left you my email address as well but i have not heard from you who ever you are ? as yet . i would like to hear from
    you , the subject is about my photo that you have on your Blog etc , ASAP.
    Ross Bailey .

    • planked says:

      Hi Ross,

      So, so, so, sorry for a REALLY late reply/ I have not used this blog for a long time because I became pregnant, had a lovely baby girl and left surfing behind for a bit.

      I love this image so much and if you need credit pr wsh me to remove the image from my blog then I will. I have never reproduced this image and never will without your permission.

      Thanks for giving me so much joy from one simple photo. I smile every time I see it and I hope my 6 month old daughter does too once she’s a bit older.


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