Way too long…

Unfortunately I’m not talking about the length of a new board. As we all know you can never go too long in that department right?

No it’s concerning the last time I posted on here and the last time I got in for a proper surf. The end of 2011 was drawing near and I hadn’t been soaked or stoked in an age. That was until my good buddies Sally and Tom bullied me into it and I’m sure glad they did.

So we headed down the coast in Merlin the VW camper bus, piled high with boards and snacks.

The surf was working on South bay so we parked up and got suited and booted. It was my first time surfing Scarborough and although I had real trouble catching waves I still enjoyed it mega time. Stupid me forgot my winter boots so when the toes went numb I vacated the sea, not at all down beat from having an uneventful surf. Plus the prospect of getting changed, warmed up and brewing up in the camper van was enough to quash any dampened spirits.

Can I just advise you all that Tuscan Bean Soup is a total winner after a winter surf but breaking down on your way back home is a total bummer.


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