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Hectic has been my middle name recently. Moving into a new flat, even closer to the sea, and setting up my new design studio, away from the sea to stop the temptation. Hence the lack of surfing and blogging. Well that’s not all true, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, if you can call it that. We’ve had some pretty amazing swell recently in Saltburn and definitely had one of the best surf days in an age just the other week. I’ve also had the opportunity to surf with some good pals and try out some new breaks which has been great fun and a very important learning curve.

So I guess the biggest lesson is realising that getting into the water in any conditions and having a bit of a crappy surf only makes you better. And although you might not notice it, the next time you get out there on a glassy small clean wave, then you totally will. I’ve been battling with all sorts of little set backs but when you somehow catch a wave and may not turn on it very well but get your first ever cross step, well need I say anymore?

I’m still pretty much a lone surfer but I find a lot of pleasure in being in the water on my own and most surfers can’t say that happens to them very often. But you really can’t beat being out there with friends and the last couple of times Tom and Sally have been up to Saltburn have been lovely and slightly more relaxing surfs. That element of improvement and sole satisfaction goes from the wave riding and instead is replaced with the enjoyment of sharing the experience, good or bad. Last weekend a bigger shoal of us went out to Runswick Bay, just down the coast from me. I’d never surfed there before and I’d never surfed with a couple of the guys. We were the only ones out in the bay and the sun started to shine. In retrospect I didn’t really ride any decent waves but I caught some that were slightly out of my comfort zone and generally just loved the whole trip.


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