My head is not working properly due to vast amounts of alcohol and dancing last night. So of course this is the best time to buy a new weird surfboard. Just look at this little freak. A fat Henty 6′ 6″ single fin mini noserider, you either love it or hate it I guess and … Continue reading

I went and bloody well did it!

So yes I still have to post up about my amazing surf trip in Morocco but more importantly, I finally committed to buying a longboard on ebay last night. Admittedly it’s not the Empire one I had my heart set on but that had been sold by the time I got back so I searched … Continue reading

The Rothko of surfboards

I was chatting to a fellow learner surf buddy the other day and he was telling me about a long board he had hired for the day in Scarborough. He had a brilliant fun time on the board so sent me the link to the shaper. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE! Yes with a surfboard. … Continue reading

The stuff I use

I kind of dissed this board when I first got it and now I feel bad for doing that. Maybe I wanted something bright and colourful or something a little more cool and retro but I got this. She is a VUDU tri fin and is 7’8″ long. When I got it I knew that … Continue reading