2014. Where the hell?

Wey hey dudes and rockers. It seems like a whole year has passed without my passion for the sea being ¬†broadcast. I guess it may have something to do with this little sprout. A nine month gap of pregnancy was matched with a bad year of swell in the North East (thank goodness). So Christmas … Continue reading

Log showroom

Hectic has been my middle name recently. Moving into a new flat, even closer to the sea, and setting up my new design studio, away from the sea to stop the temptation. Hence the lack of surfing and blogging. Well that’s not all true, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, if you … Continue reading

Worth it for a laugh I guess

I never really did get round to writing about my Morocco surf trip. It was brilliant but I was so busy surfing and yoga(ing) that I didn’t document it photographically. Part of the surf coaching package was a photographer snapping away on the beach while we all kooked around. Clearly there was never going to … Continue reading

The anticipation is killing me

My new board is finally in transit. It has been a whopping 26 days since I bought it on ebay from a lovely chap in Ottery St. Mary (Exeter). I then hired the worst courier company known to man and have been waiting ever since. I was seriously starting to lose all hope but yesterday … Continue reading

Surf Maroc here I come

On Saturday me and my buddy Farrah will be heading to the Roxy girls surf camp in Morocco. It’s a canny expensive affair but since getting a full time job I thought I deserved it. Warm water surfing with a villa right on the beach and a brilliant, fun pal to hang out with is … Continue reading

Summer fun times

Sooooo long since I up dated this and that is because of the depressing news that I haven’t been getting my toes anywhere near that sea! It’s been gardening time and as soon as I knew that was all sorted then I could take another dip. Walking to the allotment was a hard task as … Continue reading

Riding the wild water

Finally we got some swell in the right direction yesterday. I checked it around 9.30 and I walked round the bend to where you get a clear view at the cliff lift and a massive set was rolling in. Clean, glassy long rolling waves with a bit of morning sun sparkling off them. It looked … Continue reading

Bad swell days

Well the swell direction has been bad and looks like it’s staying bad for a while. The only time it seems to switch and look slightly surfable is one of the days I’ll be working, typical! I managed to get in for an OK surf last week although the wind was cross shore and really … Continue reading

It’s not me it’s the sea

Went out again on Saturday afternoon. It’s getting towards sundown and the sun had just managed to come out after a brief shower. There were only a few people out there too so it was all pretty lovely. Getting out was slightly easier then Friday but it was only about 2′. No matter where I … Continue reading

Saturday the grey

Not been to check the surf yet but I have a feeling it is going to be blown out by the strong wind…although I could be wrong. Being a Saturday there will always be an influx of weekend surfers, even without the waves. I’m not becoming a surfing snob, how could I? I can’t even … Continue reading