Log showroom

Hectic has been my middle name recently. Moving into a new flat, even closer to the sea, and setting up my new design studio, away from the sea to stop the temptation. Hence the lack of surfing and blogging. Well that’s not all true, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, if you … Continue reading

Silhouettes & Small Waves

I’m pretty sure that this was a gorgeous little break that we visited for one day whilst I was in Morocco. I didn’t catch any waves as good as these but I did get a few coffins and cockroaches in there!

Red shorts and Pelicans ’66

Really not much need for any gibbering words about this image. It is pure visual pleasure. I adore it and will probably be printing some posters of it soon enough.

I went and bloody well did it!

So yes I still have to post up about my amazing surf trip in Morocco but more importantly, I finally committed to buying a longboard on ebay last night. Admittedly it’s not the Empire one I had my heart set on but that had been sold by the time I got back so I searched … Continue reading