Today is the only day worth celebrating

So today is my favorite day of the whole year, the splendiferous Pancake day! I only managed to eat 5 but it was at around 8.30pm and I had loads of work to crack on with so didn’t want to pog myself out and climb straight into bed. There was no surf on this great … Continue reading

I went and bloody well did it!

So yes I still have to post up about my amazing surf trip in Morocco but more importantly, I finally committed to buying a longboard on ebay last night. Admittedly it’s not the Empire one I had my heart set on but that had been sold by the time I got back so I searched … Continue reading


Wowzer, what a place. What great surf, great chicas and great fun times. Talk about escaping the winter blues, I was in a parallel universe! As soon as we arrived at Taghazout Villa we were suited up, given boards and driven out to Panorama Point for our first surf of the holidays. This session didn’t … Continue reading

Surf Maroc here I come

On Saturday me and my buddy Farrah will be heading to the Roxy girls surf camp in Morocco. It’s a canny expensive affair but since getting a full time job I thought I deserved it. Warm water surfing with a villa right on the beach and a brilliant, fun pal to hang out with is … Continue reading

The Emporers new suit

I finally got one! And I finally got in! Santa did bring me a lovely new West winter wetsuit (courtesy of my darling sister). Bright blue and thick, just how I like my bread slicing. There had been some good swell on the run up to christmas but I wasn’t allowed my pressy early so … Continue reading

Oh dear me. She is a dancer?

Sofia Mulanovich was my last hope of believing that you could become an amazing pro female surfer and not get sucked into the sick sponsorship gimmicks. RED BULL? Oh my word, who in their right mind even drinks that nasty stuff? Never mind agreeing to promote it by flouncing around on a bed instead of … Continue reading

Backwash is the BEST

Fun times were had yesterday afternoon. In the dying remnants of the recent swell, I went back in for what I thought would be a mellow little ride.  There were only a few people out and Lizzy and Tom were on their way in. As the tide pushed in everyone gathered close to the right … Continue reading

A lucky surfer girls bedroom and shower

Ooh er! Sorry nothing saucy in this post, just more boring surf related ramblings. I have strategically moved my bedroom furniture round so that my bed  now looks out directly onto the surf. As soon as I wake up on a morning I can just pull the curtain back and see if there are any … Continue reading

The Rothko of surfboards

I was chatting to a fellow learner surf buddy the other day and he was telling me about a long board he had hired for the day in Scarborough. He had a brilliant fun time on the board so sent me the link to the shaper. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE! Yes with a surfboard. … Continue reading


On a recent camping trip I stumbled upon a lovely little beach break with absolutely NO ONE surfing it! When I got there is was working with  a perfect offshore breeze but the wind picked up and I never got chance to get in. I’ve been informed I can’t claim it as my secret spot … Continue reading