Log showroom

Hectic has been my middle name recently. Moving into a new flat, even closer to the sea, and setting up my new design studio, away from the sea to stop the temptation. Hence the lack of surfing and blogging. Well that’s not all true, I have been doing quite a bit of surfing, if you … Continue reading

Please welcome to your eyes…

The beautiful and evocative imagery from my surf buddy and Leeds based photographer Tom Bing. You should take a look through his blog and if you’re out surfing Saltburn or Scarborough at weekends then go say hi as he is a really nice fellow.

The Emporers new suit

I finally got one! And I finally got in! Santa did bring me a lovely new West winter wetsuit (courtesy of my darling sister). Bright blue and thick, just how I like my bread slicing. There had been some good swell on the run up to christmas but I wasn’t allowed my pressy early so … Continue reading

Backwash is the BEST

Fun times were had yesterday afternoon. In the dying remnants of the recent swell, I went back in for what I thought would be a mellow little ride.  There were only a few people out and Lizzy and Tom were on their way in. As the tide pushed in everyone gathered close to the right … Continue reading

A lucky surfer girls bedroom and shower

Ooh er! Sorry nothing saucy in this post, just more boring surf related ramblings. I have strategically moved my bedroom furniture round so that my bed  now looks out directly onto the surf. As soon as I wake up on a morning I can just pull the curtain back and see if there are any … Continue reading


Come join ‘Motivocean’, SAS’s National Beach Clean & Beach Sports Tour! This August, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), in association with the Quiksilver Foundation & myGames (powered by v), will be hitting the road with the biggest beach clean tour in its history. Since 1994, the volume of marine litter on UK beaches has increased by 146%* and SAS is helping … Continue reading

This is getting serious

It’s been flat over the last couple of the weeks so I have been thinking about what I can put on here while I have no surf updates. To keep me from going mad I usually watch surf movies/documentaries/competition footage and generally scour the internet for stuff on female surfers and long boarders. The web … Continue reading


Saltburn lines of love

This was one of the special days that the pull of the allotment won over the surf. I must really love gardening to not go in on a day like this!

Riding the wild water

Finally we got some swell in the right direction yesterday. I checked it around 9.30 and I walked round the bend to where you get a clear view at the cliff lift and a massive set was rolling in. Clean, glassy long rolling waves with a bit of morning sun sparkling off them. It looked … Continue reading

Bad swell days

Well the swell direction has been bad and looks like it’s staying bad for a while. The only time it seems to switch and look slightly surfable is one of the days I’ll be working, typical! I managed to get in for an OK surf last week although the wind was cross shore and really … Continue reading